March 29th, 2009


so begins your fatal tryst / with the ochre-eyed optometrist

I haven't left the house all weekend. I should go outside, but for once it is more depressing out there than it is in here. (Durn cloods! Shipit o solit an liquid watter pairticles suspendit in the lift, those hydrogen atoms covalently bondit tae the oxygen atoms an aw!)

Oberlin acquaintance and New York bard Tom Curtin recently made a kickass studio recording of "Optometrist Song," one of his signature live performance tunes. You can listen to it on his MySpace. He is starting to sound a little like Paul McCartney!

Anyone play Nodiatis? It's a Flash MMO that I've been trying out. It's technically free, though as you progress through the game they will nickel and dime you to use powerful items, buy more game time (you get only an hour a day for free), participate in the player economy, or unlock special game modes. (Most of these features can be bought with in-game currency as well, but the price in game money is, of course, exorbitant.) Has an interesting Magic the Gathering inspired magic system, which so far has kept combat from degenerating into kind of the mindless level grinding that most free online games have as their focus. There's also some mildly interesting minigames for resource gathering, notably a hunting game vaguely reminiscent of Oregon Trail, which break up the tedium of combat a bit. The art is also gorgeous, for a Flash game--every item and monster portrait is amazingly detailed and really brings you into the game world. It's a shame that the quests are all of the fetch-the-rat-tail variety, the story is not really part of the game at all, and the crafting system is so complex that with the time and resources required to make a single level 2 sword you could go kill monsters and get like fifty of them. Jury's still out on whether or not it's worth buying a paid account.

Anyway, if you'd like to try the game, please use the link above--I get a couple hours of paid account time if you ever decide you want to spend money on it, and if not, it would be nice to have someone to slaughter wildlife with. I'm Aleax, the level 7 Angel. Feel free to group with me if you see me in game. We both get more experience per battle that way, even if we are two towns and ten levels apart.
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they shoot bunnies, don't they

I am in a silly mood. Have some youtubes (some of them from dwh, some from b3ta).

Watchmen meets Wall-E. Sounds like the worst idea ever, but it actually works quite well.

Thundercats: the Movie! Not something I would go see if it were real, but the editing is impressive. Cut and edited from 27 different films!

On the subject of crossover: RAM BUS!!! If you don't understand what this is about, you were either born after 1988 or haven't watched enough porn.

Cat Shit One: Japan makes the 1979 Iran hostage crisis adorable.

I have watched this like four times now and I still squee. Cute, flopsy bunnies are not supposed to be this badass!

(12:08:52 AM) dwh: See, I keep thinking, "eeeee, BUNNIES" every time I see it.
(12:08:57 AM) dwh: And then they shoot them.

Oh, Wales...

...and, to close, this is exactly what Japanese television is like.

100 Hamburgers! from Invisible Engine on Vimeo.

I was also going to post a couple pages of pseudo-academic bullshit about the effect of narrative context, directorial male gaze, and cinematographic juxtaposition on Cameron Diaz's ass, but I probably have better things to do.