December 9th, 2007


thanks mr. samuel jackson

An observation: Every short, pithy statement sounds 27% more badass when you append the word "motherfucker" and a gunshot to the end of it.


"Jesus saves, motherfucker!" *bang*

"And liberty and justice for all, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Welcome to McDonald's, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Paper or plastic, motherfucker?" *bang*

"Tumble dry low, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Four score and seven years ago, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Quoth the raven, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Mind the gap, motherfucker!" *bang*

"All the world's a stage, motherfucker!" *bang*

"I like traffic lights, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds, motherfucker!" *bang*

"A penny saved is a penny earned, motherfucker! *bang*

"The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, motherfucker!" *bang*

"Trimethylammonium bromide, motherfucker! *bang*

Back to moving moving moving moving.

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Packed well into the night last night. Went to sleep at four in the morning, got up at 8:45. I ended up couch-surfing in my own apartment--and it counts as couch-surfing not because I slept on my couch, but because I had packed away my pillow and my fluffy blanket, and I had to sleep under my coat with most of my worldly possessions on the floor next to me, like a homeless person. (Is a person in transit between homes technically homeless? Even if only for a few hours, or a few days?)

Arrived around 11 AM. Zonked out. Got up at 3 to buy furniture at OfficeMax. They were out of all the stuff I wanted, so I ended up just buying a cheap chair and folding table (all the other stuff I can get online). Urgh...never try to carry a chair and a table three miles unless you really know what you're getting into. I ended up hailing a taxi halfway through. Arms still very sore.

But now all my stuff is in Brooklyn! Including me! :D

So tired. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzh.
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