October 21st, 2007


so many colored dots

Okay, getting desperate here. I am going to play Subway Roulette!

How does Subway Roulette work? Well, it's easy: I look at a subway map, I pick a random stop on the blue line (or the orange line if I'm feeling particularly adventurous), and I go there. If it's a sketchy neighborhood, or if it turns out to be spectacularly uninteresting, I get back on the train. If nothing else, it will add new dots to my mental map of places to buy things. And, unfortunately, it usually is nothing else. But it's something to do.

Right now I am thinking Atlantic Ave./Pacific Street, though my choice will probably change the moment I get on the train. :b
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atlantic avenue is boring

So I'm back from subway roulette. A confession: the choice wasn't completely random. Like a clueless modern archaeologist, I saw the number of lines converging at the Atlantic Avenue station and concluded that there must be something interesting there. Well, I was sort of right. There's a mally-type place there, with a Target and a Chuck E. Cheese's, and a little Middle Eastern neighborhood with a store that sold bumper stickers along the lines of "MAN TAKES AND GETS / ALLAH FORGIVES AND FORGETS", and a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge, and not much else. I spent a good half hour or so ogling the guitars in the mall guitar store (they literally sell nothing but guitars! thousands of them!), arguing with myself over whether or not I needed a Squier-in-a-box starter kit, before finally deciding that I was not cool or rich enough to throw down two hundred dollars for something that might end up gathering dust in a closet.

Guitar? I want you to know I really like you as a friend, and I really treasure the time we've spent together. All the happy moments I've had over the past ten years, you've been there, and for all the sad moments, you've been there too. I appreciate that. I really do. I like you a lot, and if it weren't for you I'd still be staring at all my other cool friends from afar, pressing my face against the glass, from the outside looking in. But I'm saving up for a car, and I'm afraid I wouldn't give you the attention you deserve, and I...I guess I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment right now.

I hope you understand.

There is also Fulton Mall, which is not actually a mall but a long street with a fake Japanese torii and a Burger King at either end. It resembles the neighborhoods of Grand Theft Auto III in that it looks like it was designed to be driven through at 70mph while shooting things, and is therefore very generic. So many chain stores and fake chain stores vy for your attention that it's hard not to ignore all of them. It also has the slightly uncomfortable feel of a newly upscale neighborhood, the kind of place where Kentucky Fried Chicken is clean and polite, but has a ceiling-high wall of bulletproof plexiglass shielding over the countertop. (Apparently I'm not the only one who gets GTA3 vibes from that place.)

But not a terrible way to spend an afternoon, I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, the guy who draws pictures for sad children did a 24-hour comic and omg you guys it is awesome!
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