September 25th, 2007


what's 850 times 77.1? it's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND

I usually consider myself to be above posting links from slashdot (RAR PENGUIN PROPAGANDA RAR), but this time I can't resist:

Apparently if you multiply 850 and 77.1 in Microsoft Excel 2007 (=850*77.1 in any cell), Excel will tell you it equals 100000, not 65535. This also occurs with several other equations that equal 65535.

World economies should crash any minute now.


for those of you who thought the gunblades in final fantasy VIII were silly

Some of you scoffed when I showed you the knife pistols (badass short range dueling weapons) that I designed in high school. Well, scoff no more--long before our time, real life beat me to it. These don't look half as cool as the gunkata-themed ones I designed, which had rubber grips, a small basket hilt extending from the trigger guard, and a wide blade for parrying blows, but they were probably far more effective than mine ever would have been.

Particularly of note is the French Apache revolver (Dolne Brevete), which was simultaneously a handgun, a switchblade, and a brass knuckle. Needless to say, it looks ridiculous.

Also: the most awesome duel in the history of duels was fought in 1808 by two French noblemen with blunderbusses in hot air balloons. Sources are remarkably silent on the possibility that the loser, upon descent, was eaten by a giant fish.
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mahna mahna? :[

I think I just figured out one of the crucial reasons why New York makes me so unhappy.


99% of New York takes itself way too seriously. Even the comedians are urbane.
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