September 2nd, 2007


i don't understand a word of this and it's still hilarious

Nothing to do this Sunday night, so...YouTube.

We have a TV in the corner of the office that tuned to various financial news channels 24 hours a day. The volume is always turned all the way down, and yet you can still hear this guy from all the way across the office.

Since his show usually comes on at five, the shouting is what reminds me to punch out and go home. ^_^
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fight! protomen! for everlasting ROCK

Now there are a lot of video game cover bands. Most of them are pretty tongue in cheek. Video game music is, after all, a genre defined by a hobby, and you don't ever see bands doing serious music about stamp collecting or racing go-karts. Browse OCRemix or the Google archive of (RIP ;_;) and you'll see mostly one-shot what-the-hell covers thrown together by some guy in a basement during a pot binge. Sometimes the guy in the basement is a professional musician, and sometimes the pot binge lasts months--but even in that case it's a guy who spends his Friday nights at clubs playing "real" music.

That's most game cover bands. This is The Protomen.

Or, as they more accurately call themselves, THE PROTOMEN!!

Curb-stomping the stereotype of the nosepicking pocket-protector geek with raw facefucker sound, these guys have reworked the hilariously contrived, shit-Engrish plot of an NES classic into a seven-part rock opera tour de force in the vein of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust (except hardcore instead of glam). Newcomers familiar with video game music will probably expect something silly or derogatorily affectionate in a terrible is the new awesome sort of way. But no. Their eponymous first album reworks the first Mega Man game's threadbare plot, turning the backstory of Mega Man's evil doppelganger into a soulful, cross-genre, riff-wailing, guitar-smashing tale of Orwellian oppression, betrayal, and heroic failure. Melodramatic? Yes. But so was Phantom of the Opera. There are no actual covers of Mega Man songs, but the style will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the games. Plus, it's loud. Puts the Rock back in Rockman (and the Man as well). I've listened to the songs on their MySpace page about three or four times in a row and they still aren't getting old; if I weren't short on disposable income right now I'd be shelling out for a copy of the album immediately.

Possibly the best thing about this band: They do their live performances in costume. They have a spraypainted red-and-white motorcycle helmet for Protoman and a blue motorcycle helmet for Mega Man, and they play it completely serious.

Not convinced? Go see the intro video on their website and tell me you're not impressed.
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