July 14th, 2007


*randomly bursts into song*

Sadly typical Friday night. Went to Lower East Side with Akshat, Ted, and some of Ted's friends in search of good music, good times. Found little. Travelled on subway to a party Sam Garcia's friend was throwing in Queens, only to get so lost that I had to abandon the journey. (Didn't want to stumble through a complicated system of transfers at 3 AM while intoxicated.) Brief panic as cell phone ran out of battery. Went home, surfed Internet.

Going to be in trouble when Akshat, Ted, and Sam return to Oberlin. Need to make more non-Obie friends in New York.

Alena posted a very intriguing video on her journal, which I am reposting here:

From "Cop Rock," a short-lived TV cop drama. Produced eleven years before famous Buffy musical episode. Astounding.

Dug a little more, found this clip from same series. Sung by a mother who is selling her baby to a shady adoption clinic to support her crack addiction. Terrible recording--but heartbreakingly beautiful.

I am writing a secret play. I could tell you what it was about, but then it wouldn't be a secret.
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