May 7th, 2007


on my way to where the air is sweet / can you tell me how to get / how to get to union street

Anna and Corina's senior reading was very, very good. We sat on pillows and blankets in the great hall of Peters and listened to Corina's story about guardian angels and Anna's poem about an eater of things. Both women are amazingly skilled. I wish I could write pretty things too--oh, wait. Better get back to that. :]

(psst my reading is may 14 8pm south 1f lounge please come)

It was good to hang out with the Union St. crowd again. Post-drama aside, it's funny how much more familiar they become every time I visit them. ^_^ I would write more about it, but it would be so injokey that you would have had to be there for it to make any sense. That, and there was beer.

(Not that I had any. Working on novel right now--can only write comprehensibly when sober.)

My sense of humor has gotten really dark lately, even for me. Maybe it's the play, maybe it's the VTech shootings, maybe it's end-of-college stress--whatever it is, it seems like I can't crack a joke or tell an anecdote without mentioning manslaughter or abused children or date rape. I'm sorry, guys. I'm like Fox News, except not funny.

I still have the MGS3 theme stuck in my head. The lyrics are shit, but the song is so good. If, like the composer of the lyrics, I had a very poor grasp of the English language, I would go as far as to say it was awesome.

I give my life
Not for honor, but for youuuuuuuuu
In my time
There'll be no one else
Crime it's the way
I fly to you