May 1st, 2007


arriba, arriba!

So my workshop's reaction to Mexican Standoff (subtitled Chekov's Gun IV: Revenge of the Revenge) was surprisingly favorable. At least among Sara and Aries, at least--Tom Curtin and Sam liked it, but were uncomfortable with its invocation of real-life atrocities. And Meg observed that it wasn't clear what I was going for. But the general perception was "hey, this is weird, but I like it," not "um...are you okay?"

Our prof David Walker made a comment along these lines: "This isn't like anything else we've workshopped so far. The characters' motivations are unclear, the plot is a stock plot--it's kind of thin--but for this play, I feel like that isn't really the point."


And I have an actor on my cast now! Kind of appropriate that Harris Lapiroff, who gave the Oberlin Confessional its permanent home, will be playing a gunslinger. (Everyone in my play is a gunslinger..) I look forward to recruiting more. Too early to tell whether or not the stage reading will be good, but things are looking up. I have high hopes. I don't know when the stage reading is going to be--sometime next week, most likely--but I'll keep you all posted.

Ha ha, inner critic! Fuck you!
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