April 30th, 2007


mexican standoff, ole!

After a six-hour* last push I have finally completed Mexican Standoff (Mark I.V--had to do a complete rewrite halfway through, and the play itself is a total rewrite of yet another idea). It is the crassest, most puerile, least creative writingey thing I have written in a long time--the characters are caricatures, the motivations are absurd, the audience interest is mostly spectacle, and there is an intentional abundance of melodrama and cheap writer's gimmicks. And the subject matter, given the whole VA Tech thing--dear goodness, I wouldn't be surprised if a misreading of the play wins me a trip to the campus therapist. But I regret nothing. It is exactly what I intended, and for that reason, if nothing else, it is beautiful to me. And it is done.

(*Okay, I cheated, I stopped for dinner, 4th Meal, and 30 minutes of nethack--but total writing time today still adds up to six hours. I can write sometimes. Sometimes.)

It gets workshopped on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing the expressions on my classmates' faces.

Also: I am still looking for actors for the stage reading. I need a suave, straight-laced Coast Guard man; a freewheeling frat cowboy; a motormouthed seventeen-year-old waitress with low self esteem; a coy but sultry femme fatale; and a few bizarre yet familiar restaurant patrons. No experience necessary, and you get to pose all John Woo badass-like with toy guns. Appropriately, the reading will happen over reading period. And it won't be a huge time commitment!