April 23rd, 2007


it all makes sense now :b

I normally hate the idea of people being identified by their profession, but oh, what the heck. What the Vomacka and I figured out about me yesterday, after getting slightly buzzed:

1. The stereotypical male computer science major is a man no woman wants.
2. The stereotypical male creative writing major is a man every woman wants (if only because there are not enough of them).
3. I spend way too much time in the computer lab, and not enough time in pretentious asshole land.
4. No one ever invites me to pretentious asshole land.

Mike: Aren't you, like, the only guy in the creative writing department?
Kevin: No. All the unattainable hipster guys are the only guy in the creative writing department. I'm just that quiet Asian guy everyone ignores.

I think my sexual frustration is about to hit critical mass.
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Er...thanks for the outpouring of sympathy, guys, online and off...but when I said I was sexually frustrated I didn't mean I was looking for random sex. I'm actually considering saving myself for marriage (though whether I actually do that or not depends heavily on what happens over the next couple of years). I'd be lying if I said sex wasn't part of it, but it's not the reason why I'm miffed about never having had a real girlfriend. What I'm really looking for is intimacy.

I am a lonely person. I like being close to women who like being close to me. (Or, rather, a woman. I'm a monogamist.) It's more complicated than that, of course--I wouldn't date just any woman who got close to me. But that's the gist of it.

So...no more advice on how to get laid. Please. I'm not trying to get laid.