March 16th, 2007


rock it out with your sockets out

Been meaning to write about Day Three and Four of GDC for over a week now. Last Thusrday was pretty much the entire conference for me, and ever since then I've been dying to tell you folk all about it. Also lots of GRRR RAAAR NNNGH NNNGH that I have intentionally not been writing about, for the sanity of myself and others.

Unfortunately, all my energies this week have been devoted to making up for the week of class I missed. I've been working literally all day and all night to catch up (you know your sleep cycle is fubared when you accidentally pull off three all-nighters in a row), and there has been no room in my schedule for happy livejournal fun time. But I'm almost done with everything I need to do! So...tomorrow. Hopefully.

On a related note, there's something very satisfying about writing a Java FTP client from scratch and then using it to download games off public FTP servers. It's given me a bit of a MacGyver complex: from what was once a blank text file, I have produced something genuinely useful. So useful, in fact, that it's completely unnecessary. There are already a bazillion other tools that provide the same functionality. But this one is mine.

220 Service ready for new user.
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