January 23rd, 2007



My tiny USB mouse--a shiny blue optical fella with a warm blue LED--is on the brink of death. Big me and little me are at odds about finding a replacement.

Big Kevin: Ooh. Look at this one. USB, 1200 DPI, no cleaning, ergonomic grip--and not sized for laptops, so no more mouse rash on your little pinky. Price is right, too.
Little Kevin: No!
BK: Why not?
LK: It's not glowy.
BK: Grr. Fine. How about this one? Same specs, but with transparent sides so you can see the laser. Lasers are glowy! You like lasers, don't you.
LK: It's red.
BK: Mouse lasers tend to be, yeah.
LK: I want blue. Blue.
BK: Okay, how about this one? This one has an ultra bright blue LED.
LK: I don't like it. It's ugly.
BK: I give up. What kind of mouse do you want, then?
LK: Three buttons. Shiny. Glowy blue. Not scary.
BK: Little Kevin, we can't buy you a mouse exactly like your old one!
LK: *whining* But my old mouse was cooool.
BK: Your old mouse is dead.
*LK cries.*