January 18th, 2007


re: magic

Not much time. Going to keep this short.

Spent Sunday and Monday in Toledo with the Todd and the brothers McDaniel. Almost every minute of it was spent at toy and hobby stores, looking at Lego mechas and hobby airplane simulations and the like. There was delicious junk food at almost every meal, and quite a bit of it in between.

The McDaniel Jotuns are true geeks. Compared to them, I am a football-playing, beer-can-crushing frat boy. The years I spent playing video games with my friends, they spent collecting anime figurines, building remote controlled airplanes, and launching rockets. (Not much better to do when you're a socially awkward townie.) What they may lack in personal hygiene and social aptitude they more than make up with a keen understanding of Real Cool Shit. They know the kind of things that make the little boy inside go squee, like World War II fighter planes that are essentially Vulcan cannons with wings, and thermite reactions that produce fireballs half a mile high. The kind who have centuries of history from the World of Warcraft universe memorized (and can dictate it historian-style), and can identify the name and first appearance of each of hundreds of painstakingly hand-assembled anime mecha figurines that sit in neat legions on their shelves. They are the keepers of arcane knowledge, the crazy hedge wizards of our age--the successors to those eccentric old folk who run hobby train stores. There's a strange romanticism to their lifestyle that most people wouldn't understand--the same people who couldn't imagine why anyone would wait in line outside EB Games, at midnight, in the freezing cold, for an expansion pack to World of Warcraft. (Which we did.) They're like geek cowboys.

Slept well last night, got up early--a rare occurrence. Had strange dreams. Highlights:

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Going to Wisconsin for that interview tomorrow. Back Friday. Wish me luck.