January 12th, 2007


the infamous prospie tour ninja prank

In later years, this prank would be repeated with pirates.

I love Oberlin.

Also! They can't spell "saber" and the recording is terrible but OMFG. Lisa, please tell me you had a part in this.

Also also: a really good short action film featuring the Conservatory, King, the Science Center, and the Boxer Rebellion Memorial Arch.

Also also also, those of you who know Garrison, send him my compliments for thinking up the most pretentious act of intentional hypocrisy ever.

Also also also also PING PONG EPIC.


computer science to the rescue!

I opened my workshop apps today (which are done) to print them out, only to discover that AbiWord had fucked up while saving the file last night, and now neither AbiWord nor MS Word would open it. Opening it in notepad revealed that it was flooded with (probably invalid) MS Word formatting tags, and completely incomprehensible. Oh no!

But all was not lost! I opened up the corrupted file in emacs, got a feel for the rules of the .doc file format, and used Alt-% to replace all the MS Word tags with nothing. Now all the garbage is gone, and I have a plain text file with the text of my apps perfectly intact. This took me less than fifteen minutes.

And they said CS would never help me as a writer. Pshaw.