January 3rd, 2007


why i like streets of rage 2 and 3 for sega genesis

It's Friday night, and you're going clubbing with your significant other--either a cute brunette in a fetching metallic red bra and miniskirt or a musclebound stud in tight jeans and a tighter white shirt, depending on your preferences. On each side of the street are all manner of fancy restaurants, clothes outlets, noodle shops--all open late, glowing in neon warmth. Even at this hour, the city is bustling with life--couples on dates, businessmen waiting for buses, buskers juggling knives and eating fire. You stop to watch a pack of swaggering teenagers play games in an arcade, the neat rows of cabinets flickering in the dark. Jazz wafts out of a small restaurant down the street, where a woman sitting on a piano croons a soft, familiar tune to a crowd of silhouettes. You stop at the restaurant and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner.

You arrive at the club, and are greeted by a wall of awesome noise. Bitchin' techno music blasts the dance floor, punctuated by lasers and strobes and disco balls. It is impossible to resist the urge to dance, and after sharing a cupcake and a couple shots of hard liquor you and your S.O. join the sea of bodies, grinding and shaking along with thousands of trenchcoat punks and mohawk girls.

You wake up the next morning to a brilliant red sunrise. A memorable night has been transformed into a beautiful morning. You go for a walk along the waterfront with your S.O., watching the jetskiiers and motorcyclists go by. A group of tall, gangly Indian men in variously covered running shorts jog past. One of the street punks you saw the night before lies on a bench, catatonic from a hangover. An obese man in a red baseball cap licks an ice cream cone to visible delight. In the distance, the sun is just beginning to peek over the skyline on the opposite shore. You and your S.O. stand by a quiet spot on the beach and hold one another and smile.

Now imagine that everyone in that clumsy, overwritten scene--the couples, the buisnessmen, the buskers, the jazz singer, the ravers, the bums, the motorcyclists, the jetskiiers, the joggers, the man with the ice cream cone, you, your S.O.--is doing mad crazy kung-fu.

Yes. Streets of Rage.
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