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Dec. 25th, 2006 @ 10:01 pm december 23 (and on)
Current Mood: christianity
Current Music: Enter the Haggis - December Ends
Woke on December 23 to a campus silent as death. Not a bird or automobile or lawnmower--not the Oberlin I know. Lay still for a while, things on my mind. Didn't feel like getting up, didn't feel like going back to sleep. Shifted eyes. Breathed.

And then suddenly awkawkawkawkawkawkawkawk

Canada goose explosion!

I darted to the window and looked outside, and sure enough, there was an huge flock of Canada geese migrating south for the winter. In fucking December.

Pondering this, and various other things, I went to McDonalds for my one meal a day. My change was a nickel and three pennies, and the cashier gave me a Canadian nickel.

Now if this had been a Canadian quarter, I would have paid little heed--Canadian quarters are confused for American quarters all the time. Same goes for Canadian pennies. But A Canadian nickel has a different size, shape, color, and thickness than an American nickel--that it was mistaken on both its way in and its way out is remarkable. Indeed, I'm not sure I had ever seen one until that afternoon.

Now, both events--and their co-occurrence--are most likely coincidence. However, knowing God's silly sense of humor, I recognized it as precisely the kind of thing He would do. Especially considering who and what had been on my mind all day.

The question, of course, is what the hell does it mean?
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