December 21st, 2006


the end is near

Just wrote the ending for one of the two major arcs of my screenplay. Am very pleased with it (though I always am after I finish writing it; at some point I might look at it again and go AGH THIS IS CRAP). I just need to revise the epilogue and put in the final shot, and that arc is done.

It's probably going to end up being somewhere around 80 pages instead of the typical 90, but who cares; 90 isn't a hard limit. Lots of feature films are around one hour and twenty minutes, and my dialogue has a lot of beats. And I can count on one hand the number of scenes left to write! Yay!

It's funny how recursive this thing has become. It was inspired by a dream I had six years ago, and I've been having dreams about it all week, which sometimes in turn make it into the screenplay. And whenever the screenplay is going well, I have had little luck escaping my own geekdom. The characters aren't strictly based on real people, but I keep seeing myself in them, and sometimes there are situations in real life when I can't help but think, "holy shit, my friends are acting just like Adam and Janice," before I realize that I might be subconsciously channeling those friends when I'm writing Adam and Janice's dialogue. I had a fit of inspiration this afternoon when I got Analog Pussy's "We Are The Future" stuck in my head, and I started daydreaming up one of those annoying YouTube fan videos with scenes from my screenplay. Some of those scenes hadn't been written yet, and thinking of brief three-second shots from the video helped me conceptualize what kind of impact they'd have on an audience.

At least I haven't started quoting it yet. Goodness. Do you have any idea how cloyingly indie it would be to drop pop culture references to a movie you haven't finished writing? Not to mention self-aggrandizing to the extreme.

Work on screenplay, eat dinner, work on screenplay, work on raytracer. So much of my reading period is devoted to the imaginary that I'm beginning to forget I exist. It's like I've been dreaming for the past two or three weeks, and those dreams are coffee-dripping into a movie I'm watching over and over again, and I'm just a disembodied wisp taking notes on how that movie might be copied into someone's head.
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