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Nov. 16th, 2006 @ 01:22 am stress is the mind-killer
Current Mood: stressed:/
Current Music: Marie Laforet - Paint It Black (French)
I am burying myself in work, not because I am bothered by things, but in spite of them. I am being very productive, but it is never enough. One and a half weeks of not doing any long-term work are catching up to me. Deadlines are approaching fast, and two weeks of all-nighters couldn't get all this shit done.

My eyebrows are sore from furrowing too much.
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Nov. 16th, 2006 @ 11:44 pm the christian left in a nutshell
Current Music: this song (stuck in my head) + throbbing pain in my temples
These are the lyrics to a catchy new hymn we sang at Fall Conference. Embodies the ideals of the Christian Left so well it might as well be their theme song. If you're wondering why evangelicals are often pushy with their beliefs, I hope this will offer a little insight. Next time a starry-eyed group of high school kids approaches you at the airport and asks if you've accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, remember that they have the spirit of this song in their hearts, and bear their good (though possibly naive) intentions in mind.

aaron niequist - changedCollapse )

Aaron Niequist is the worship director of Mars Hill Bible Church.

A noble message, is it not? Too bad the messengers have so much trouble getting it across in ways that don't bother people.

For the reverse perspective, see Job 19, 27.
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