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Oct. 20th, 2006 @ 05:03 am 0110th reason why uplink is awesome
So the Uplink Corporation rents you a Gateway, which is a computer in their server room that you do all your hacking on. The reason why you do your hacking on the Gateway and not on your home computer is because if you get caught, they'll trace it to your Gateway and not your home computer, and the Uplink Corporation can conveniently forget you ever worked with them.

For an exorbitant price, Uplink will sell you a little piece of hardware called the Gateway Nuke. It's a rig of explosives around your Gateway, which you can explode on command any time you feel the need to destroy evidence. Its complement is a motion sensor that changes color if someone's in the room with your Gateway--yellow if it's Uplink technicians installing that shiny new processor you ordered, red if the Feds are paying you a surprise visit. Today was the first time I have ever seen that motion sensor go red. It took me a few precious seconds to figure out how to detonate the nuke--any more and it would have been game over.

But oh, how glorious it was! First I got a "you have been disconnected from your gateway" message--"this may happen if you are experiencing hardware failure," the game explained helpfully. Then I got kicked out of the game, and when I logged back in, everything was as if I started a brand new game, down to the dialog box that asks whether you want to run the tutorial. The only difference was that my address book was still full, there were still a million or so credits in my bank account, and this email was sitting in my game inbox:

From: Uplink Corporation
Subject: Gateway seizure

Your old gateway was recently seized by federal agents, shortly after you blew it up.
It seems that no evidence remains of the crime you didn't commit.

A very lucky escape, if you ask us.
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Oct. 20th, 2006 @ 04:55 pm yay for americans who follow british politics
Current Music: rx - Dick is a Killer
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From Rx, the mashup artist who turned Bush's 2005 State of the Union address into a performance of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday": Tony Blair sings "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"?

This is some of the cleverest news editing I've ever seen.
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Oct. 20th, 2006 @ 06:08 pm can you smell what iraq is cookin'?
Current Music: Aya - Baghdad Sky
Say what you want about WWE RAW--that it demeans women, that it's completely staged, that it's a soap opera for men, that it appeals to the basest instincts and the lowest of the lowest common denominator--but you cannot deny that they did a really nice thing for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Publicity stunt? Sure. But considering that the kind of people who are drawn to soldiering tend to be the same kind of people who enjoy televised pro wrestling, this must have been a big, big morale boost. Especially since their friends and families would be watching on TV.

Any of you who have grown up with the WWE/WWF--just look at that picture of the crowd of uniformed soldiers holding up cardboard signs (as is customary at a WWE match)--and tell me it doesn't bring a tear to your eye. Instead of "AUSTIN 3:16" or "JOHN CENA HAVE MY GAY BABIES," they say things like "LEXI TAYLOR DAD MOM HAIR SCOTT I MISS U GUYS."

And anyone who thinks this is crass is right, but probably hasn't waited in line for three hours for an Undertaker autograph with a little Indian woman with a bouquet of roses.
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Oct. 20th, 2006 @ 06:29 pm a stairway to heaven backwards still goes up from hell
Current Music: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (Backwards)
This just in from Dan: the most interesting interpretation of Stairway to Heaven backwards I've heard yet:

that would explain all the 'satan's and '666'sCollapse )
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