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Oct. 2nd, 2006 @ 08:07 pm go back to the asteroid fields and mine some slag, spacers
America: the only country naive enough to label people by continent.

We discussed this at dinner today, and John Weil*, Ivan, and I decided that (for the sake of world unity?) we need an ethnic slur against Earthlings, to be used by offworld human colonists. We threw around a few candidates, among them "dirtbag," "fish eater" (because our planet has so much water compared to the others in the solar system), and fat (Earth has relatively low gravity). But the real killer, John Weil and Ivan decided, was "water buffalo."

John Weil also cribbed from anime a few slurs against non-Earthlings--among them "spacer" and "slag."

(*It is illegal to address Student Senator John Weil by anything less than his full name.)
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