July 19th, 2006



Didn't make my two pages a day today, and the page I wrote was crap. Will redouble efforts tomorrow.

(edit) Yessss! I finally beat the end boss of the secret Hell level in Cave Story! Took me a week to beat the rest of the game--twice--and one and a half summers to beat that one secret level. An amazing platformer, in the vein of Super Metroid and the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night--memorable characters, engaging story, incredibly fun level design. One of the best computer games I've ever played, and I've played a lot of games. And it's free, with no strings attached--the guy who made it spent five years of his free time putting it together, and just wants it to be played. And one of the bosses is an evil winged toaster! You should all try it. And I'm so happy I feel like I could write some more.

(edit 2) So Pixel, the reclusive Japanese programmer who singlehandedly did all the art, design, programming, and music for Cave Story, has heard the Cave Story Remix Project--tribute covers of all the music from Cave Story, performed by musicians in the American Cave Story fan community. His reaction? Translated from Japanese by shihtzu: "Each track thrilled me and made me smile, and every one of them impressed me. Are these professionals? I'm so glad now that I made that game. ... I feel very fortunate." I can think of no better fate for a tribute, and it makes me clutch my heart like a little girl and go awwwwwwww.
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