July 17th, 2006


would you like to save your game? (y/n)

John Steinbeck started The Grapes of Wrath on two pages a day. Sounds like a good schedule, so I'm sticking to it, and scaling up when I decide I'm ready to handle more. Making good progress so far. Feels good.

Of course, Steinbeck also didn't spread his output over three stories simultaneously. Maybe I need to rethink this...
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float like a butterfly, sting like a tongue

My roommate Naomi and I recently saw Tongue of the Butterfly, a very powerful film about two children and a schoolteacher at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. It's an interesting perspective on war--the entire movie is told from the perspective of a young boy, who knows only the barest facts of what is going on, and there is no footage of actual raids or battles. Some of the slice-of-life sequences in that film are absolutely timeless, and there is a deep and subtle love to this film that you don't see in more cynical war movies.

Naomi is somewhat obsessed with this film and has seen the DVD maybe four times in the last two days. For this particular movie, I can't say I mind.