July 1st, 2006


nerves of steel

Remember the faked Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrun that did the rounds a while back? Screw that--there's a new king in town. Cave Story, Sacred Grounds level, finished in under 5 minutes with 3 HP and the weakest weapon in the game. And it's not even faked.

Those of you who have not tried this very challenging secret level might not appreciate the insane concentration, rabbit-like reflexes, and pixel-perfect timing it takes to beat Sacred Grounds at all, even with the best equipment in the game. And this guy, armed with only what is absolutely necessary to reach that level, just blows right through the swarms of enemies and fields of instant-kill traps like someone's mom. Half the shots he aims are fired backwards while moving in the opposite direction. He moves faster than I can think, and he makes it look easy. Listen to how happy he sounds at the end--and scared shitless. I would be, too, if I managed to pull that off. Must have taken hundreds of tries.

I wonder what's next? Ninja Gaiden III in under ten minutes? Ghouls 'N' Ghosts without taking damage? Eternal Daughter in...actually, finishing Eternal Daughter at all is a feat in itself.

From doukutsu.

(If you have no idea what I'm prattling on about, you need to try this game. It's free, and it's absolutely magnificent.)