June 26th, 2006


hello, real world

Typing from an internet cafe, and still need to find work on craigslist, so I'll keep this short.

Been homeless and unemployed. Only by the grace of God have I made it through this week in one piece. Spent the last three days wandering the streets of San Francisco from early morning to late at night in search of work and housing. Temporarily staying at cousin's place (must leave soon, cousin's roommates getting tense). Exhausted. Sleeping on couches, living out of suitcase. Sick of running into drug dealers, overly aggressive gay gigolos, and drunken assholes. Sick of waiting 30-50 minutes for the bus in the worst neighborhoods in the city at 3 AM. Can't even sing the blues (don't know how to play sax).

Good news and bad news. Good news: found a place. Two month lease, nice roommate. Bad news: internship position at Podomatic got cut; got laid off even before I could sign on. That was my last option--other places have turned me down or stopped communicating. Internet has gone down at my cousin's place; no craigslist or email. Getting desperate. Getting hungry.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.

One week. I've been here one week, and already I've fallen out of love with this city. I can see why the homeless band together here. It's Paris on the outside and New York City on the inside.

At least I have that tiny niggling comfort that if and when I do this again next year, after graduating, I'll be better prepared.

Missing Oberlin terribly.
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