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Jun. 19th, 2006 @ 02:58 pm because kevin loves bullet points
Current Location: Potrero Hill, San Francisco
What Kevin has been up to (spirit quest aside):

  • Over the course of three weeks, had sushi four times in two different countries.
  • In the Burger King in Edison I got a girl about my age to check me out. Not on purpose--she just caught the corner of my eye, the way attractive people do, and I glanced at her involuntarily for a few seconds, and she blushed and smiled at me. This was a very disconcerting experience. Not because there's anything strange about girls smiling at me, but because the last time I had been to that Burger King was before I hit puberty, and that place has always had a sort of innocence to it. (There used to be a huge customer service trophy in a glass case on the front counter, from when they won some regionwide service thing in 1996. It's still there.) Goodness, for all I know, that girl could have been in my kindergarten math class. There's something almost incestuous about that.
  • Was thrown out of a bingo parlor the moment I entered. Not sure why. Maybe I didn't look the right age, or maybe I had stumbled into something illegal, or maybe the owner had something against Americans. Felt insulted, nonetheless.
  • Hung out downtown with old LJ friends and recently graduated NEHS alums cougarfang and elentiriel. (Sadly, lumenastralis couldn't make it.) The Chinese title and term of endearment for younger girls who went to the same school as you is 學妹, or "school-sisters." In the case of these two, the title is very fitting. These are the only two people I know from my old high school who are anything like me, and though I rarely see them in person, they do feel a little like family. It's interesting how Denise is outwardly shinyhappybouncy and inwardly shy, and Shiehan is outwardly shy but prone to cynical, introspective rambling. I think see why they are such close friends.
  • Read more of Auster's Leviathan. I'm not going to spoil anything, but goodness does that book get dark quickly.
  • Fact: It is much, much easier for a woman to find housing in San Francisco than for a man. Then again, if the postings on Craigslist are any indication, this may be a mixed blessing: $500 SEEKING FEMALE ROOMMATE (STRAIGHT VIRGIN ONLY, MUST ENJOY YOGA)
  • Flew to San Francisco. Discovered that the food in buisness class (yay for frequent flyer upgrades) is actually worse than it is in economy. Lots of legroom, though.
  • Slept on the most gloriously comfortable couch known to man. Around it: an apartment straight out of Murder in a Red Dress 14: I Left My Bleeding, Still-Beating Severed Heart in San Francisco...with Sex, complete with Venetian blinds and sniper balcony. Pictures forthcoming.
  • Death by jet lag. ARG
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