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Jun. 3rd, 2006 @ 03:19 pm my cup runneth over
Current Mood: annoyedfwarbled
Current Music: Electric Six - Future Boys
My aunt and uncle have two daschunds: a little black-and-brown fella named Brindo and a slightly larger brown-and-black one named Bennie. They are cousins. Bennie is shy, spacey, and humble even for a dog--she lowers her head and creeps by your feet whenever she wants to be petted, and she spends a lot of time pawing at the window and whining. Brindo barks a lot, eats toes, and pees on anything that moves. Each has a perpetually confused, George W. Bush-esque expression plastered across its face.

The parallels between Brindo and Bennie and me and my cousin are not lost on my family.

I still prefer cats.

Internship search is going along quite nicely. Bizarre fact: There are more software engineering internships in Boston than in the entire San Francisco bay area. I guess the age of Silicon Valley is long over.

Oh man...these Cedar Campus entries just get longer and longer.

[edit] Goodness. There are a bajillion CS jobs in Boston.
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