May 20th, 2006


found music

One more entry before I leave for retreat (and because it's already clear I'm going to be packing all night).

Today I saw three little boys by the arch, each of them no older than ten or eleven, tooting on their harmonicas and playing at being jazz musicians. One of them went into a familiar blues riff and another followed him up with these lyrics:

My wife left me
(thwerr THWEERRR thwer thwerp)
I miss her a lot
(thwerr THWEERRR thwer thwerp)
I fell into the laundry
(thwerr THWEERRR thwer-thwer thwerp)
and now she's real mad
(thwerr THWEERRR thwer-thwer-thwer)
and now I'm in the laundry basket
(thwerr THWEERRR thwer-thwer-thwer thwee, thwee, thwee)
and I'm real sad
I've got the laundry blueeeeeeeees

Most adorable thing ever!