May 19th, 2006


i was going to get some work done tonight

and then Mike the Vomacka showed me Digger.

Powerful black-and-white art, fascinatingly bizarre characters, a gripping storyline, and arseloads of tongue-in-cheek references to geology and obscure religions. And it's about an agnostic wombat. And dead gods. And a wide-eyed silhouettey thing that eats shadows.

The cartoonist claims she was inspired by Bone, and I can see that--the world she creates is simultaneously dark and silly in that same kind of way, and is imbued with that same subtle sense of breathless wonder. This is a comic good enough to go commercial (and it sort of has).

leaving for retreat

Away to the wilderness! Back for commencement on the evening of the 27th. After that, a few days in New Jersey, maybe, to get my bearings. Maybe. Oddly enough, I'm not terribly scared that I still don't know where I'm going to be. This isn't directionlessness, it's adventure. (Or so I tell myself.)

And most of my options are better than home. Even if they involve menial labor and cockroaches.

I leave you with this conversation I had with Eric earlier this week.

Eric: So where are you going on retreat?
Me: To the wilderness in northern Michigan.
Eric: (Flabbergasted.) With OCF?
Me: Yeah. Intervarsity Fellowship owns the place. We're going to hang out in the woods with God.
Eric: Kevin? Whatever you do, don't drink the Kool-Aid.
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