May 9th, 2006


you hobo

Green trees, white clouds, blue sky--it's a beautiful day for walking to Amherst. Or Cleveland, even. On a day like this I could turn onto North Main on the way home from class and follow the road for miles.

Too bad I have fucking papers.
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the secret joys of fiction workshop

  • Getting a story back with no comments except for an incredibly complex abstract doodle on the top margin (from when your classmate got bored in workshop and decided to add her own personal touch to your story)
  • Circled lines of dialogue with the comment "THIS IS ME!!" double-underlined
  • Bizarre, unexpected, undeserved validation (in sentences like "This paragraph is the best paragraph you've done all year")

    Oh, CRWR 320. You were so insane. I will kind of miss you (but actually not).