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Apr. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:26 pm grrmph
Current Mood: high"may cause drowsiness" my ass
Current Music: Ray Charles - One Mint Julep
whoo...allergy meds...empty stomach...

Kevin! What the hell are you doing? Wake up! It's three in the afternoon!


You have two coding projects to finish! One due this week! And you have a Grape article to write, and a paper to do research on, and stories to revise! And if you're going to slack off, you might as well do it outside--it's a beautiful day, and there's steel drum music in Tappan Square, and you're missing it! And your friends have invited you to things!

..friends? fuzzy...

What's gotten into you, Kevin? Oh no...oh no. Don't tell me you're--this is--Kevin, you've been staying up all night playing video games again, haven't you?

haha...level three Bot Domination...magrail pshoom!
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