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Apr. 15th, 2006 @ 06:42 pm "that's the second biggest hypodermic needle I've ever seen!"
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Yay! There are episodes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on YouTube!

I'm a little embarrassed that this cartoon holds such a special place in my heart, considering just how bad it is--some of the dialogue would send the writers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series into sniggering fits. But there's something incredibly endearing about the bad puns and the gratuitous use of Super Mario Bros. 2 sound effects. I mean, just look at the opening theme.

Just saw Episode 34: Mario Meets Koopzilla. For an American TV show based on a Japanese video game, it's surprisingly racist against Japanese. And Italians. And New Yorkers. But it's racist in an adorable, culturally clueless sort of way. I doubt Japan could have done better.

Kind of sad that the live-action sitcom half of the show has been lost to the mists of time, though. I was too young to understand them when I first saw them, and now I can't find them anywhere.
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Apr. 15th, 2006 @ 10:04 pm amazing grace
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Current Music: Electric Six - Dance Epidemic
Just saw ViBE. I was told by someone who saw it on Thursday that it wasn't all that impressive on a technical level (and this makes sense considering that the dancers are a potpourri of masters-to-be and timid ExCo students and every background in between), and I guess I can see where that viewpoint is coming from, but I don't know, I still kind of enjoyed it. And by kind of enjoyed it I mean I was absolutely fucking floored. :D

I have indeed seen more technically impressive shows, but ViBE had in spades what a lot of all-professional shows don't: spunk. And I don't mean that in a consolatory, punk-rock sort of sense, where the band tries so hard that the concert manages to be enjoyable, but in the sense that enough controlled energy was expressed in their movements to knock down a small bridge. Not that there was any shortage of talent, either--not since a Russian ballet company came to the Hsinchu Cultural Center have I seen human beings move with so much grace. And the pure aesthetic beauty of their movement--I think I finally understand dance as a medium, not just what it could be, but what it can do, and what it does. The dancers' movements aren't just physical manifestations of the music; the dance becomes the music. It becomes all the parts of music that can't be described with words.

Not everyone in the show was so talented, of course, but as I've often said about bands: if you don't have skill, you should be make up with it in spirit. And these folk had spirit in spades; they understood the dance, not just as a medium of self-expression, but as a manifestation of that strange, primal need to move along to music--and the music carried them, sometimes to their own bewilderment, apparently, like the boy in the legend who puts on the shoes that will not let him stop dancing. And for me there was a good deal of the sort of attention-envy that people feel after a good show, that sort of feeling where you wish you could dance like that, and realize you never will, and it makes you appreciate them even more. It's hard to watch the dancers move so gracefully on the stage and not be aware of your own stationary, graceless body lying limp in your seat, and experience an extraordinary feeling of waste.


  • Andrew Broaddus doing a tap routine with six other people, and being the only one with an "oh shit what I am doing" look plastered across his face
  • Five of the jazz dancers doing jumping double front kicks (taekwando move!) in a cascade
  • Finally seeing, in complete form, the routine that Lisa's feet do almost involuntarily when she stands still for too long
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    Apr. 15th, 2006 @ 10:49 pm ruminations by starlight
    Current Mood: enthralleddizzy
    Current Music: Final Fantasy (the band) - This is the Dream of Win & Reg
    This has probably been the most social ten days of my life. Met a group of freshmen, hung out and talked shop with a cabal of writers (I was right! Half my workshop is a secret society!), sang prayer songs with OCF, took pictures of Lisa and Jenna making costumes, was interviewed about marriage beliefs by Stephanie and Charlotte, went to a rambunctious but generally dull party (mostly people drinking until it was fun), paid Anna a surprise visit, discussed religion outside Stevie with Tom Gorlin, stayed up all night heckling bad TV with Eric...fuck, that was a long sentence, and a long week. Oh, and Will McCraw came by unexpectedly last night, and I had dinner with him at Lorenzo's. That was...random.

    Feels like college, for the first time in never. It's strange hanging out with a bunch of Pabst-wielding students lounging on a couch in an orange-lit house on Union Street, and discussing trendy books and indie music and obscure celebrities in that gently condescending hipster voice, and realizing that these are the same weird and unexcitable and unnervingly relaxed big college people you were terrified of when you were little, while also realizing that you are one of them, and that maybe they feel the same way about you. This is the only time in my life I'll be able to feel this way, too--ten years down the line I'll be intimidated by their youth and their hipness, and feel old, even if I don't deserve to. But will I really be all that different a person by then?

    Guy whose name I don't remember: I don't like music that you can put on a pedestal.
    Me: So you're a hipster, then?
    Guy: (pauses for three seconds) ...Fuck you.

    The stars are out for the first time in ages--tonight I saw my old buddy Orion high above Mudd, sprawled across the western sky with all the other April constellations. Hi, Orion. I missed you.

    Satellites, too--they twinkle a certain way that lets you know they aren't stars, but the glint of solar panels. And they're so big, creeping across the sky like beetles, that I half expect one to plunge to the earth in a trail of fire. And Venus--you wish you could see the stormclouds if you squinted hard enough, even though you know you can't. It just feels like they should be there.
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