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Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 12:53 am life is short
Current Mood: sickslightly delirious
Current Music: elliot smith - angeles
Damn it. That wasn't a spring break, that was a hangover. The kind you wake up from in the morning with no recollection of where it came from.


What did I do over break? I tried to fix my video card. I applied for internships. I read a two chapters of a book. I played video games.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Real smooth, Kevin. Way to spend a week doing what you should have done in a day.

One clear day this week--one gorgeous day, a perfect day for that long-delayed foot-trek to Amherst, and I blew it applying for summer jobs. Not a mistake I'm making again, if I can help it.

Got panic attacks applying for Pixar's technical director internship. Couldn't sleep, could barely eat. Don't know why it bothered me so much, or why I even bothered--it's Lisa's dream career, not mine. Probably not worth spending all night rendering for--sent it late, in the wrong medium (no CDs, they say explicitly) , with possibly not enough postage. I'll be lucky if they even look at it. Which is mildly comforting--chances are, if I'm rejected, it will be for reasons that have nothing to do with my ability.

At least I have these gorgeous images to show for it:

smell that? that's the smell of improvementCollapse )

Two more months, and my third year of college is over. Two more months, and I'll be sitting around somewhere--hopefully not in Taiwan--pushing papers, playing video games, missing you guys. I'm going to have to make the best of these last two months--no more spending day after day after day in my room. Going to make each day count. A blink of an eye, and college is going to be over. Holding a napkin to the sap, sucking on the corners, savoring each sweet moment before the tree runs dry.

First professor to open his class with "I hope you all had a relaxing break" gets an exasperated sigh from me.

Friends of friends are getting married already. My parents were my age when they got hitched. Must not freak out. This isn't Podunk, Arkansas. Got plenty of time--not old yet--got a long ways to go. Can't rush my first date, my first kiss. Not old yet. Not old yet--

I need a walk. I need a walk so bad. I have one day left. Hope I don't blow it like I blew all the others.
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Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 03:04 am bizarro say, fire safe! play with fire! hello!
Current Mood: queasy
Current Music: Conifer - Garasu
So most of you have probably heard of Bizarro-Superman--but Todd Z. aside, how many of you were aware that Batman also had a misguided contrarian doppelganger?

In his first appearance in Superman/Batman, Batzarro introduced himself as Batzarro, the world's worst detective to Bizarro. He is seen with dual pistols (presumably the same model gun that killed Bruce Wayne's parents) and gunning down couples who walk down Crime Alley, doing the opposite of Batman. Bizarro feels sorry for Batzarro since he doesn't get out much on account of his lack of enemies.

What the hell?
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Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 02:59 pm *dances*
Current Mood: see icon
Current Music: Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun
Kevin Chen [stuvol_0286]

Congratulations! The 2006 SIGGRAPH Student Volunteers Committee is pleased to accept your application for the 2006 Student Volunteers Program. This is your official acceptance letter.

The process for selecting volunteers has finally come to an end after much review. Your application was among the 880 applications reviewed this year with only around 400 of those selected to participate at the SIGGRAPH 2006 conference. Unfortunately, we could not accept all applicants thus even some very good applications were not accepted this year. However, we are pleased that you are among the group selected to be a Student Volunteer at SIGGRAPH 2006!

Another email will be forthcoming within the next several weeks that will contain your unique login and password to the SV system, which will give you access to the official acceptance/confirmation form as well as other important information that you will need to prepare. Information on housing and Travel Assistance Awards is _not_ available at this time, however those eligible applicants will receive the proper notifications before the confirmation process ends.

Congratulations again on being accepted. Myself and the Student Volunteers Committee look forward to working with you over the next several months.

Jaime E. Radwan
SIGGRAPH 2006 Student Volunteers Chair

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other nine weeks of summer.
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Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 03:19 pm great outdoor fight
Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: Star Wars Disco
So the best webcomic storyline evar just finished today. And surprise of surprises, it was not from Dominic Deegan (which is usually way ahead of the pack in terms of plot and character), but from the cult anti-humor strip Achewood.

I've learned to expect nothing from Achewood--that strip is about as predictable as a room full of schizophrenics--but Onstad's stark, original, and bizarrely poignant take on the nonexistent sport of mass outdoor hand-to-hand combat genuinely took me by surprise. Well done, Chris Onstad. Well done.

Goats's "Infinite Typewriters" story arc has something interestingly apocalyptic going on, too, but it's weird. Weird even for Goats. That's saying a lot.

Off to take that long-awaited walk. :D
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Apr. 2nd, 2006 @ 07:14 pm in new russia township, day seize you!
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five
Whoo! Boy, did it feel good to be away from this blasted machine. The block height was getting pretty high in my Tetris field, and I guess all I needed was a little foot power to blit-blit-blit-PSHEW!-deeuh-deeuh them out.

Tried to get to the Arb by way of the bike path. Overshot the bike path; ended up in New Russia Township. Discovered a little farmhouse with a huge yard and a tiny garden saturated to the inch with ugly plastic turkeys. Upon closer inspection, the turkeys were discovered to be real.

Overshot bike path again. Ended up on the far end of bike path (the side facing the Oberlin city limits). Cut across golf course and Westwood Cemetery. Kind of funny how many soldiers have been buried there. Civil War, WWI, Korea, Vietnam--every war America has fought in the last century and a half has had a bunch of Oberlin townies in it. Observed how wonderful that was, in a sad kind of way--many of these folk had probably never been out of Oberlin, and most likely some had given little thought to the world outside of it, yet they were willing to travel thousands of miles to foreign lands to fight for freedom (and, indirectly, for the continued existence of Oberlin). Wondered what it would be like to feel that kind of patriotism. Reacted with equal parts reverence, envy, and awe.

Finally made it to the Arb, at Lady's Grove. Entered for the possibly the first time--not sure; looked too familiar. Observed that it takes an urban mentality to truly enjoy trees--when you've seen enough of them, you see only forest. (Noted similarity to how urban people tend to ignore buildings.) Favorite kind of footpath, the kind cleared with machetes and paved only with feet. Found crude bridge made of two-by-fours bolted to pair of steel girders; "ALL TEENAGERS TAKE OFF THERE CLOSE" spraypainted on side. Yellow caution tape warned not to go further. Ignored warning.

Despite large "NO BURNING" sign at entrance, noticed acrid stench of burning leaves. Discovered group of scruffy-looking hoodie-clad teenagers with sticks standing around large bonfire, feeding it with black plastic bags filled with unknown substance. Probably a perfectly innocent activity--urban danger sense misplaced here, and in retrospect, assumptions made were slightly classist--but instinctively went into combat mode; attempting not to make eye contact, searching ground for large rocks and heavy sticks. Accosted by Asian-looking teenager in white hoodie; nearly struck him. Had the following conversation:

Teenager: Hey. Hey, you.
Me: Hi.
Teenager: You Korean?
Me: Sorry. Taiwanese.
Teenager: (disappointed) Aw, fuck. I'm never going to find my relatives.
Other teenager: (amused) Looking to get drunk, man?

Felt intensely sorry for him; am keenly aware of how it feels to be the last of one's kind.

Saw lone duck floating in large pond--a speck in a giant mirror--a visual koan. Tried to find rocks to skip along pond; realized that, over the course of 150 years, every flat rock in the area had been thrown into it already. Threw sticks into lake instead; watched with amusement as fish tried to eat one. Observed robins bounding along dirt in sine-cosine hops, to inexplicable satisfaction.

Am drinking Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper. It tastes terrible.
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