March 25th, 2006


spring break WOOOO *flashes moobs*

Mighty quiet here on campus now that everyone is gone.

All those who are here for spring break, say aye!

Interesting dilemma: Dining halls are closed. Emergency food reserves are low. Still waiting for my new ATM card (the old one has been cancelled--long story). Bank is closed, so I can't cash a check. Bank will still be closed on Sunday, as banks tend to be. I have $12 in cash.

Current inventory: a bag of flour, a box of instant potatoes au gratin, ten packs of ramen (1593mg of sodium per bag), half a box of dry spaghetti, an expired jar of spaghetti sauce, a moldy Dascomb salad, ground black pepper, garlic powder, mint sauce, a small quantity of expired lime mesquite marinade, and salt.

Also: a pint-and-a-quarter of Pepsi and a glass's worth of expired orange juice.

Will Kevin manage to Iron Chef a novel way to feed himself this weekend? Or will he die a horrible death from food poisoning?

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true story

Two nights ago, I left my room to get a soda from the drink machine, and I saw a guy and a girl from down the hall staring into each other's eyes, faces a hand-width apart, saying nothing. When I came up the stairs ten minutes later, drink in hand, they were still standing there staring at each other.

I took a cue from an old Garfield strip and smacked the guy upside the head and said, "Kiss her, you dip."

Or at least that's what I wish I had done.
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how to make chinese-style instant ramen


1 square package cheap instant ramen (do not buy the sealed paper bowls, as they will already be Chinese-style if they are from Taiwan)

1. Prepare ramen according to directions.
2. Add soy sauce until the broth becomes a rich golden brown.
3. Enjoy the vastly improved taste.

If Japanese people catch you desecrating their beloved national cuisine in such a manner, they may fall to the ground and weep, and possibly try to kill you. This adds to the authenticity.

For university-style ramen, eat in a former Japanese military barracks that has never been painted.