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Mar. 23rd, 2006 @ 12:09 am runaway thoughts from midterm week
Current Mood: relaxed
Current Music: Chemical Brothers - Makin' A Living / Hot Wheels (The Chase) / The Theme (Unique Mix) / Gimme Some L
You know what feels really, really nice? Finishing one of Esmail's Ridiculous Assignments of Death. On time. :D

That feeling of accomplishment you get from turning in a program that works perfectly--I thought I'd never feel it again. Thank God.

Celebrated tonight by going to Pizza and Pitchers at the 'Sco. Missed Kevin Alexander's standup routine, but there were still plenty of people sitting around drinking Pabst. Ordered a Stewart's Lime Green (cursed legal drinking age). Was my second time, and the first time I had gone alone. Kind of funny how one day a week, the 'Sco becomes a small-time bar. People sit around small tables drinking beer and yelling at each other, and mildly drunk couples dance to Stevie Wonder, and swaggering musclebound men shoot pool and point at each other. Makes me feel, I dunno, grown up. Wandering around a pastel-lit room with a bottle of drink in your hand seems like the kind of thing older people do, and it's not the kind of experience most people can successfully emulate before they come to college. It's a little jarring to see big college guys swaggering around a pool table and realize that I'm one of them. I never got used to being a teenager; goodness knows how long it'll take to get used to being an adult.

Kind of strange how there are so many places to go at 11 PM on a midterm night, but nothing to do. Each place appeals to a different but non-mutually-exclusive crowd. There's the Cat in the Cream study session, for responsible hippies; Pizza and Pitchers, for people who will spend much of their post-college lives in bars; DeCafe, for fans of healthy junk food; free snacks at the Rat, for people who like feeling old; fourth meal at Dascomb, for slaves to habit; the lab, for incurable CS geeks; and so on and so on and so on. There's something comforting about these big, strange social environments, and how everyone is there to have a good time--if the people there didn't feel like hanging out and being friendly, they would probably just stay in their rooms.

I've discovered, eight years too late, that I actually kind of like crowds. (Imagine that--a shy person who enjoys the company of strangers.) It's not that social interactions with strangers don't make me nervous--they do--or that I have the knack for going up to random people and making conversation. I guess I just like being in the presence of other human beings, kind of like how a fish likes being around other fish.
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Mar. 23rd, 2006 @ 11:53 am may your fortunes be good and your wrists be straight
Current Music: Mayday - Monkey King
My new ergonomic keyboard (a generic Microsoft Natural 102-Key thingamajigger) came in the mail today! :D Now I don't have to worry about the tinging in my wrists when I type. As much.

The keyboard has an ïnteresting gimmick to keep me from putting weight on my wrists: the built-in wristrest bulges up an inch or so, so I couldn't touch the desk with my wrists if I tried.

My only problem with it is that the wristrest isn't detachable, but hey, it was twenty bucks. Can't complain.

One exam and one problem set left, and I get a whole week to do absolutely nothing.
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Mar. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:57 pm 超高速津軽三味線弾きハウス風味!!
Current Mood: procrastinatory
Current Music: ¹»Ø¿ ŸSMFxgI8o(Part 11-500) - ’´‚‘¬’ÃŒyŽO–¡ü’e‚«ƒnƒEƒX•—–
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Due to decreased stress, I have been playing mad crazy finger DDR instead of studying. Very satisfying, almost synaesthetic. Feels a little like playing piano.

Some of the songs require incredible manual dexterity. Anyone who isn't a concert pianist or DDR master, and gets a score of AA or better on 超高速津軽三味線弾きハウス風味, wins a free kick in the nads.

What does "超高速津軽三味線弾きハウス風味" mean, anyway? From the kanji and katakana I figure it's something ironically cheesy like "SUPER HIGH SPEED SHAMISEN HOUSE JAPAN STYLE", but those silly Nipponese like to use their 漢字 all wrong.
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