March 19th, 2006


a weekend in review


  • coding coding dance: coding coding coding dance
  • OCF with ultra-pro-church pastor: misreading Scripture, one line at a time
  • muppet treasure island with OCF folk: oy, gov
  • organ pump: feat. two guys doing DDR to Will Parks's techno organ remix
  • cheers reruns with Eric in the East TV lounge: interrupted by two female bisexuals in a shopping cart, who masturbate on a wall


  • who's down with red-black trees: yeah you know me
  • reading a touching short story about cops in love: ruined by gratuitous adultery
  • missing the writing hummus: hummus is a dish best served vengeful
  • mcdonalds with todd and eric: we hate our small intestines
  • missler's run: fabric softener is a two-edged blade
  • the obertones: missing in action
  • quiznos prime rib sandwich: we really hate our small intestines
  • crashing the ISO bowling party to play free pool: you're not really from Taiwan, are you?
  • decafe: nick shows us his coat of many wonders*, aries sexually propositions a plant

    sunday! sunday! sunday:


    *and by "wonders" I mean "pockets"
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