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Mar. 12th, 2006 @ 01:01 am unproductive days are the best days
Current Mood: exhausted
Current Music: Shinohara Tomoe - Ultra Relax
Was going to go to Amherst with Eric in the City Wheels hybrid-fuel car today, but that plan fell through. Eric will probably tell the story, so I won't bother. Let's just say it has to do with awesome satellite failure.

Had McDonald's with Todd and Eric, because the only way to be a nonconformist at Oberlin is to conform with the rest of the world. Missed Elise's birthday dinner because I am a stupid bastard.

Went to OberCon in Wilder and saw a couple episodes of The Guyver, the most ridiculously '80s robot armor anime ever. Everything about this anime exemplifies anime of that time period: the inspirational but completely nonsensical techno-pop theme song, the useless civilian sidekicks, the outrageously melodramatic samurai ethics, the fountains of gore. I'd say it was gloriously cliched if not for the fact that this anime probably invented a lot of those cliches. Oh, and male protagonists with laser tits. Without the slightest semblance of irony or sexual innuendo. I kid you not.

So basically I did nothing all day. Why, then, am I so tired?
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Mar. 12th, 2006 @ 02:04 pm we have a new brother
Current Mood: joyous
Current Music: Final Fantasy (the band) - This Is The Dream of Win And Reg
Life is returning to Tappan Square. The trees are still mostly needle-bare, but sheaves of red are starting to bud, and lichen is stretching up the trunks in a slow caress.

On a possibly related note, a fellow ex-atheist, who shall remain unnamed, just told me he converted to Christianity.


(edit) He's gone public.
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