February 4th, 2006


so what has kevin been up to

So. Kevin has maintained livejournal silence for an alarming five days. What, pray tell, could have kept him from his beloved Internet circle-wank for so long?

  • Being an extra in Carly, Desiree, and Anya's as-yet-unamed black-and-white horror movie. It has lesbian vampires in it. And zombies. Fighting each other. It also has giant swords, an obligatory half-naked Anya (in the dead Ohio winter), and Carly in a black leather catsuit. I love campy low-budget horror movies, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to give back to the genre. Keep an eye out for me when the movie comes out this semester--I'm the zombie in the Hawaiian shirt. The one who gets his brains blown out by vampire umbraumcantus. Sweet.

  • Animating, animating, animating. Been putting in 8 to 10 hours a day, and not just because Winter Term is just about over. ("It's 3 AM. Should I go to bed? Nahhhh.") Surprisingly little of that work has been actual animation, as I've been scrambling to get all the random pieces of the project together: editing a soundtrack to less than half its length, writing shell scripts for rendering, messing with skeletons and light levels. Out of sheer coding-glee, I wrote a script called "maestro" that logs in to an arbitrary number of computers and makes them render a scene in parallel (bringing half the lab to a screeching halt). Draw, my render-slaves! Draw!!

  • Uncyclopedia. Like Wikipedia, except with more UNF.

    I will close with some wise words from Eric:This is why Frogs are gay and eric is super plaidtastically gay. for if it's one thing i realize it's that gayness is contagious. catch the gayness rainbow bus today!!! (Note no gay animals nor humans were harmed in this lj production. Any resemblence to gay people living or dead is purely coincidental. Live journal inc. and Kevin for President Org are in no way responsible for the views expressed therein in fox news network.
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    random things people have said recently

    In the lab:

    gengel: See, anyone could just--*hits Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, rebooting the computer*--shit, why did I just do that?

    While discussing a name for the zombies vs. vampires movie:

    Tess: How about "Schindler's List II: Revenge of the Jews?"
    Everyone: *stunned silence*
    Tess: ...It's okay...I'm Jewish...

    In London:

    Kevin: Funny how everyone goes to me for relationship advice even though I've never had one.
    Michelle: He who cannot, teaches.
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