January 26th, 2006


a very british supper

Today I half-assed the best meal I've ever made: mesquite lime marinated roast lamb chop with mint sauce, broccoli in aged cheddar, and sage stuffing. No extraordinary feat on my part--the marinade was from a bottle, the stuffing was Stove Top, and the mint sauce was swiped from a free condiment bin at a dodgy Dover pub--but damn. I feel like Tom Hanks discovering fire in Cast Away. The meat was perfect--would have been undercooked the way I prepared it, but the bone and the fat absorbed the heat and cooked in the juices and the marinade. And lime and mint are meant to be. The British may have a reputation for being lousy chefs, but they knew what they were doing when they invented mint sauce. Tastes terrible on beef, but add a little lime and a little smoke flavoring and you've got the lamb equivalent of steak sauce.

Only complaints: the cheese wasn't melted all the way through (I've been spoiled by mozzerella and American, which melt almost instantly), the ingredients for this serving alone cost almost seven dollars, and I made way too much food. Well worth it, though. If I ever have to spend Christmas alone, I'll know just the thing to cheer myself up.

Looks like I might get to Irritated Busy Housewife sooner than I think. Or at least Pompous Bourgeois Flake.

Next thing you know I'll be learning to saute fava beans in a nice chianti sauce...WITH THE FLESH OF HUMAN BEINGS
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