January 25th, 2006


god has a cruel sense of humor

I've been a little overdue on the grocery-buying lately (when cooking is work, you can actually become sick of eating), so I went down to IGA tonight to buy fresh food-ingredients. I usually go to Missler's for groceries, but a certain friend of mine (who shall remain unnamed) suggested that it wasn't too far, and I figured I was overdue for a change of pace.

Well, they certainly have a lot more variety at IGA. Higher prices, but plenty of choices. I get a giddy head-rush of nostalgia every time I go to a big supermarket--there are things I haven't eaten since I was twelve. Like Bagel Bites (pizza in the mornin', pizza in the evenin', pizza at suppertime!). There were a couple of years in middle school when I had sausage and pepperoni Bagel Bites for lunch every single day, cold and wrapped in a frisbee-sized cloud of foil. And they had TV dinners--glorified airline food, basically--which could be microwaved in two minutes and had things like Ketchup Meatloaf and Chocolate Frozen Dessert. And Jello Pudding Cups, the refrigerated treat that the children of the '80s invariably associate with Bill Cosby. They have Oreo-flavored ones now, and strawberry smoothie and candy flavors too.

Unfortunately, the joy of rediscovering my childhood was squelched by a fucking hailstorm.

Is a $2.96 cut of sirloin and six different kinds of yogurt worth a thirty minute shotgun blast to the face?

Not quite.
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is it too late to reconquer china?


Side note: Chinese h4xx0rz could be liberating their people, opening their minds to information their government wants to restrict. But do they do this? No. Instead they hack into Taiwanese Counter-Strike websites and leave messages in English like "TAIWAN NOT FREEDOM. TAIWAN MURDER! CHINA HACKER FOREVER!!"

edit: visual aid.
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