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Dec. 10th, 2005 @ 10:56 pm what to do on saturday night when your friends are away
Current Mood: chill
Current Music: Cornershop - Brim Full Of Asha
Argh. Trying not to spend all my time in my room, but somehow I keep spending my Friday and Saturday nights here. I can never find anyone. With the sole exception of Eric, who I hang out with a lot, all my friends are off having fun in places that are not their rooms. Pout.

Oh well. Got some good exercise going from the Cat to Barnard to Noah to North to the Science Center to Wilder to downtown to South. Witnessed the following:

  • one round of heartfelt confessions between gay lovers
  • one loud accusation of sexual assault, followed by a brouhaha in the hallway involving the victim's neighbors
  • one couple involved in some kind of bizarre sexual act involving a bad '60s art film
  • one pillow fight in a darkened room (seen through a window in Noah)
  • one hipster doing a handstand against a column in the 'Sco, and falling over laughing as another hipster tickled her bare chest
  • one disheveled-looking exchange student slamming his mailbox shut and swearing loudly in Chinese

    I also determined, through rigorous sampling, that the water fountain in third floor Noah is indeed the best water in all of north campus. Sweet elixir of life!

    End-of-semester drama sure is fun to watch from the outside. It may make me feel like a voyeur, but eh. It's not my fault I can't find people to hang out with, and I ain't trespassin' on no one's private space.
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