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Dec. 1st, 2005 @ 10:11 pm from mike hong, the nehser who never left taiwan
Concerning the computer science major:

(22:08:09) lazyazacat: i had a friend in that major, he and his classmates joke to me over a late night (2~3am) big 2 card game that they were the "watch-sun-rise-dog-hitting club"
(22:08:23) lazyazacat: joked
(22:09:37) lazyazacat: dog-hitting due to the dogs that barked in the morning, making them go down stairs to hit them with their slippers
(22:10:10) doppelgangerx4: ...
(22:10:21) doppelgangerx4: that's...odd
(22:10:24) lazyazacat: :D

CS majors, we are the same the whole world over.
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