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Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 10:42 pm thanksgiving with the mcdaniels
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So I had Thanksgiving dinner with Andrew McDaniel's family tonight. It was hard to not be reminded of Andrew Broaddus's retelling of the story of the feast of the Jotuns, in which Thor, mightiest of the gods, and his group of legendary companions are outclassed in size, strength, and appetite by their hosts. Indeed, even the McDaniel family dogs are bigger than I am. (The McDaniels affectionately refer to the younger one, a grey-and-white half-husky the size of a small pony, as "Puppy.") Big, friendly frost giants--that's what the McDaniels are like. And like the Jotuns, their hospitality was magnificent. They trace their lineage back to five of the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock, so having Thanksgiving with them was a very special experience.

People like the McDaniels disprove the myth that white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans have no cultural identity. There's so much history just lying around their house. A silver boating trophy Andrew's grandmother used to own--long left ignored in an attic, with a sheet draped over it--was discovered to be from a boating race in the early nineteenth century. (The winner of the race wasn't a McDaniel, and they have no idea how they got it.) The silverware we were eating with was real silver, with engravings on the handles of the spoons indicating that they were smithed in 1902.

Four hundred years in America--damn. Their family's been here longer than America's been a country.

Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes--oh, how I missed thee. Nummy nummy nummy.

Andrew is building The Biggest Transformer Evar!! as his Maya skeletal animation project. This is bound to make the Todd happy. I hope there will be screenshots.

I'm not lucid enough to list the things I'm thankful for--not lucid enough to write at all, really--but I'm thankful for all you guys and for being able to be here and for not being in Taiwan where everything sucks ass.
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