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Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 04:17 am 奧大無處女
Current Music: anonymous - jiao da wu shuai guh
This will only make sense to people who have lived near Chiao Tung University (Jiao Da) around 1999 or so, but look what I dug up in the throes of depression today. Jiaaaaaao da wu shuai guh... :D

For those of you who aren't familiar with this song, allow me to provide a little background. Translated into English, the name of the song means "Jiao Da Has No Hot Guys." It was written by some disgruntled undergraduate as a private joke and posted on her Jiao Da webspace, where its clever lyrics and terrible instrumentation made it an unexpected hit. The Chiao Tung administration, not known for its sense of humor, suspended her for committing what Taiwanese schools perceive as the gravest possible violation of the Bureau of Education's standard conduct rules: performing actions detrimental to the image of the school. A media circus ensued, in which the university, fearing a drop in admissions, held press conferences with every newspaper and TV station on the island, forcing a group of male students to parade around in front of the cameras to prove that Jiao Da did, in fact, have hot guys.

This is why I go to school in America.

Nevertheless, the song is still well known among disgruntled female students at Jiao Da, and live and Internet tributes abound if you know where to look. Sometimes, on a stroll through campus, you may even catch an undergrad humming a few bars of it, if there are no faculty members around to listen. That's one thing I love about Jiao Da students--you can take away their freedom, but you can never take away their snark.

The funny thing is, if someone wrote a song with similar content at Oberlin, it would be completely ignored. It might even garner a bit of negative publicity for being too traditional--after all, the song is about a girl who is complaining about not being able to find a boyfriend.

The lyrics are difficult to translate because they're written the way Taiwanese college students talk, and my translation skills aren't solid enough to carry that particular vernacular into English. So I won't even try. Here are the untranslated lyrics, if you would like to run them through babelfish.


I considered continuing this proud college tradition on the opposite end of the earth, but I soon realized that it would require a lot more effort than I'd be willing to commit. Especially since the only people who would appreciate it would be mainland Chinese exchange students, who I don't really hang out with anymore.
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Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 08:29 pm snoo!
Current Mood: irrationally manic
Current Music: R.E.M. - The End of the World
After several days of mind-numbing depression I am inexplicably very, very happy. There's no reason to be--it's like some part of me said, "You know what? I've been sad about things for so long that I'm out of sad! Yay!" This is ridiculous, as you can never be out of sad--but somehow it feels wonderful to have fallen so far to realize I'm not even close to rock bottom. I feel like I should do something special with this newfound energy, but all that comes to mind is nethack. So much for not being sad. :]

Down here in Ohio, winter comes like the Kingdom of Heaven--none may know of its coming and going. The temperature dropped eleventy bajillion degrees* this morning, resulting in the unexpected first snow of the season. And it's not a fluffy, happy snow, but wet globs of grey slush, like slow, emo rain. Looks real pretty drifting all slow-like from the King 227 picture window--watching it from a nice warm classroom puts the Christmas feeling right into you, even though it hardly ain't Thanksgiving yet. (Also makes you write i an Ohio accent, apparently.)

Looks like I missed the sad train again--just when I get over being lonely and depressed, everyone else gets lonely and depressed. Dammit, people! Where were you the past couple days when I was belting out Chinese drinking songs around Tappan like a drunken exchange student? Cheer up, everyone! You're not due to be sad until the temperature drops another ten degrees. Wipe that frown off your face! Go dance with a squirrel!

It's the ennnnnd of the wuh-urld as we know-it, and I feel fiiiiiiiiine.

*official figure
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