November 14th, 2005


vgmix, i love you

Most amazing Chrono Trigger ending cover. Ever.

Mitsuda-san himself could not have composed a better rendition of this song. And the vocals--goodness, the vocals. If Chrono Trigger meant as much to you as it meant to me, this cover may move you to tears. It's what happened with me.

The composer is Reuben Kee, the guy who did the lovely Final Fantasy VII orchestral arrangement Ascension to Cosmo Canyon.

For you Earthbound fans, the collaborative "album" Bound Together--the lovechild of some of the video game arrangement scene's finest musicians--is a real treat for the ears. Give it a listen sometime.

mike vomacka just sent me a letter from japan

It fills me with joy. Thanks, Mike. I will find a way to reciprocate, somehow.

If I am wandering through the Dungeons of Doom and find your corpse, I will be sure to leave it untouched (and not just because your ghost will curse all my items.)

And upon your return, Vomacka, we shall find some way to share the Joy of Not Eating together.

[edit] BOOTS ARE CLEAN. Hooray! Now I can wear my waterproof shitkickers around campus without being afraid of dealing d6/turn toxic mold damage to everyone within a three foot radius.
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風也過 雨也走!!
有過淚~ 有過錯~
真愛過 ;_; 才會懂
會寂寞! (會回首)
終有夢 :D 終有你...在心中~~~~! (<3)

那些日子 不再ㄞ~有
一句話! 一輩~子
一生情 一杯酒
一聲朋友 你會懂
還要走 還有我ㄛ~~~~~!

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