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Nov. 10th, 2005 @ 11:00 pm march of the falsettos
Current Music: Occupy Japan (Sense Field cover) - Save Yourself
My father told me
that the most beautiful thing in the world
is love
But I believe
that the most beautiful thing in the world
is chess
not love


Falsettos has put me in such a state of catharsis that the only thing I can do is sit down and write whatever comes into my head until the feeling goes away. So that's what I'm doing.

I think I understand theater now.

I mean, I could appreciate theater before, and I'd seen a couple of big Broadway shows. But tonight and last night have taught me the meaning of theater, revealed to me the essence of theater.The soul of theater.

The reason why, despite the relative unpopularity of the medium in America, theater people don't just make a movie.

There is something about a good show that burrows deep into your person, ninja-sneaking into the inner sanctum where the core of your self is kept. And by the end it explodes out of five different points in your body cavity, squealing and snarling, like a tiny alien holding a birthday cake.

My mother and my father--to them a painting is just a series of pretty colors, a song a string of pretty sounds. But they weep at seeing Ophelia fall into the moat. They don't understand why, but they weep.

There is so much I want to do with that medium now. So much, so much. But my muse is le tired. And she will not fire ze missiles.

I need to stop invoking pop culture.

As for Boredom last night...the stage is a mirror. A twisted, surreal mirror; a parody of waking life. Maybe it's just because I know three actors in Boredom and half the production crew of Falsettos, but there's something about theater that comes across as a horrid perversion of reality--all the world's a stage, but the inverse is also true. It's that feeling you get when you wake up and snuggle the warm body nestled against your chest, afraid to open your eyes and find yourself making out with your blanket.

Maybe I'm not ready to learn playwriting yet. Theater cuts too deep.
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