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Oct. 20th, 2005 @ 02:41 am is it too early to feel nostalgic about freshman and sophomore year?
Current Mood: wistful
Current Music: Unorganized Crime - Eternity 2.0
(02:35:05) Pandemonium1984: Regarding your first comment, though: we had some good times, we did.
(02:35:15) Pandemonium1984: Ultimately, that's the important thing, I think.
(02:37:11) Pandemonium1984: And as for coming back..... I have until January 2nd to make up my mind regarding next semester.
(02:37:18) Pandemonium1984: I can take up to two more off, if I see fit.
(02:37:22) Doppelganger X4: All right.
(02:37:36) Doppelganger X4: And yeah, those were some good times. Best I've had at Oberlin yet.
(02:38:03) Pandemonium1984: You mean that?
(02:38:06) Doppelganger X4: Absolutely.
(02:38:38) Pandemonium1984: Because I feel largely the same way.
(02:38:43) Pandemonium1984: It's complicated.
(02:38:54) Doppelganger X4: If Heather and Mark were here, I'd call for a group hug.

Will's coming back to visit in November.

To all my female friends from freshman year who have had a crush on Will at some point or other--which would be pretty much literally all my female friends from freshman year--get the swooning out and over with; don't do it in front of me. Yes, I agree, he was one of the most awesome people on campus, but crazed fawning is absolutely unnecessary. Absolutely, completely--you over there! What did I say about the fawning? Stop! Stop, now, all of you--oh, who am I kidding.

Will, Will--if only you loved yourself as much as other people love you.

(03:27:32) Pandemonium1984: You've been a greatly wronged man, Kevin Chen.
(03:27:46) Doppelganger X4: You've been a wonderful oppressor, Will McCraw.
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