October 16th, 2005


naaa nanananuna nanaa na cafeteria damacyyyy

I think it was Eric--blond mathy Eric who I don't know that well, not the bowler-hatted Eric who has been one of the best friends a guy could ever ask for--who described the Big Table at Stevenson as "an interesting exercise in topography." There's always room for one more at the Big Table, even if it means trays have to be bussed and plates have to be stacked. It's becoming almost a little like the old Dascomb Hivemind, except that the Big Table would never swallow up a sixth of the cafeteria just for the sake of having everyone eat in the general vicinity of the group. It is pretty endearing that the group is this open, and I'm enjoying being a member of a group this big for the first time. But it's getting to be a little stifling. I don't feel like I know anyone from the table any better than I knew them at the beginning of the year, even though I've been eating dinner there three or four nights a week. Some of them I'm not sure exist outside of Stevenson, and there's at least one I only talk to in random social encounters or awkward one-on-one conversations. It's like they're characters in a TV sitcom or something--their world is a place I visit an hour a day if I feel like it. They really aren't part of my life at all. And it's usually not their fault that this happens; I haven't really made an effort to get to know any but a handful of them. I guess I could blame that on my loner tendencies, but who am I kidding, I get lonely like everyone else. Even when other people are around.

It's a good thing I still have awesome friends from last year who are more than willing to kill six or seven hours playing We Love Katamari Damacy. Or drive me to Elyria for survival gear shopping. Or look at me funny every time I say something stupid in lab. Thanks, Eric, Carly, and Lisa--were it not for you, I would have degenerated into some kind of shameless groupie in what could be described as High School, Season Two. (New friends, don't take this to mean I don't love you. Take it to mean it may take some time before I am comfortable around any of you.)

Roommate, if you're reading this, thank you also. Your above-average awesomeness keeps my sanity from failing.

And Heather, Mike, Bess, Will, Todd, and Brian--the hell are you doing not being here? Study abroad and other good reasons be damned; Oberlin isn't the same without you.
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