October 13th, 2005


cat power: the aftermath

Just got back from three hours of hurriedly writing an article about a three-hour concert I had just come back from. Not going to say anything about the concert just yet because I just spent three hours describing how I feel about it, but rest assured that the article is the most presumptuous, most ignorant 1040 words of horse shit I have ever written. Presumptuous because, as I belatedly discovered while walking back to my dorm from the Grape offices:

  • It runs way too long. ("That's okay," said Sam Rauch, The Grape's arts editor, "since it was the big concert of the semester." Gulp.)
  • It uses the phrase "Even I, a self-professed fan..."
  • It pretends I know what Cat Power is thinking.
  • It pretends I know what the audience is thinking.
  • It pretends I understand some kind of grand artistic message that half the audience didn't get.
  • It pretends I have any idea what I'm talking about.
  • The title of the article suggests that Oberlin is not good enough for Cat Power. Good bands are only for hipsters! And even hipper hipsters than Obies, because apparently Oberlin hipsters are not hip enough.

    So basically I made up a whole bunch of bullshit to explain to myself what was going on because I didn't understand or bother to ask, and I accidentally wrote all of it into the article. I have Stept Out of my Place, and it feels so good. It's like getting money and credit to write LiveJournal entries, only I'm not getting credit and I'm not being paid.

    I feel so good I almost hope I get chewed out for this.
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    upon hearing "night swimming" on my roommate's playlist

    So I've heard "Night Swimming," "Blister In The Sun," and "Take On Me" on my roommate's speakers, and somehow it never occurred to me until now to ask the obvious:

    "Dude, you ever been to CTY?"
    "Really? Me too!"
    "Awesome! Which site?'
    "Really? Me too! 1999?"
    "Man...I knew you looked kinda familiar."

    I had nearly forgotten all about CTY--fantastic as it was, college is pretty much CTY++, and memories of previews get eased out by the movie. But it does explain a lot of why Andy and I share so much in common.
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