October 9th, 2005


eric, this analogy is all your fault

After a lengthy duel between Arafat and I involving light artillery and exploding sheep, Israel and the PLO have reconciled and are now on good terms. However, the West Bank has declared independence. Needless to say, I have very mixed feelings about this.

In unrelated news, the U.N. General Assembly convened out of session today, and responded favorably to my half-assed suggestion to intervene in a long-running conflict between Italy, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

I am seriously starting to question my foreign policy. I suspect I may have a hidden agenda, for I don't see how anything I've done this year promotes my stated objectives. Must remember to bring myself to the torture room for questioning.

Also, computer games really do bring people together.
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ba-bum-ba-badumdumdabum buh-bum-ba-buhdum

There's nothing quite like nights when the clouds come down to earth, dangling unfallen raindrops in space. Wet grass, glossy roads; a moth-laden halo around every streetlight. Incredible Bongo Band's forty-second bongo solo incongruously playing in your head.

I love Oberlin.

On a 720 degree tangent...YES.
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