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Oct. 8th, 2005 @ 03:00 am my current situation (as related to a friend through alternate history)
Current Mood: immature, drama-mongering
Current Music: Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - Cowgirl In The Sand
I am Ariel Sharon. I have quietly been promoting settlement in the West Bank, which at present is under the control of Arab militants from Syria and Egypt. Sometime this afternoon, Palestinian counterintelligence agents intercepted an Arab diplomat in Jordan. My intelligence department suspects that she was on her way to Israel to represent the current leadership of the West Bank in negotiations for an under-the-table peace treaty, and that she was re-routed to a PLO camp so that Yasir Arafat could offer a better deal. This worries me--considering their shared culture and history of partnership, I suspect that Arafat and the Syrian militants may already have a private treaty of their own. Should I retaliate against this unprovoked act of aggression against the West Bank, a territory that may be interested in becoming part of Israel, peace talks will fail, and Israel, devastated by prior conflicts and shaken by terrorism, cannot afford to go to war until its economy improves--especially against an adversary as robust and elusive as the PLO. Furthermore, mobilizing troops in the region could be interpreted as staking a claim of ownership, which would infringe on the sovereignty of the popular and charismatic leadership of the West Bank--very bad for a variety of reasons, among them that the support of the people of the West Bank is crucial to unification with Israel and important for diplomatic relations in the region as a whole. Also, relations with the PLO are at an all-time high, and conflict could cause irreparable damage to the peace process. Nevertheless, I would not feel good about losing the West Bank to Palestinian covert action. And Israel has already invested enough in the West Bank that complete withdrawal could be a self-destructive option. So what exactly do you do when a reconciliatory neighboring power makes gestures of friendship to an autonomous territory of great emotional significance to your country?

And no, assassination by helicopter gunship is not an option this time.
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